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Annual Shareholder’s Meeting

by: Colleen DePaola

Quite a large gathering attended the Annual Shareholders Meeting on May 25, at the Flatbush Park Jewish Center. Howard Strobing, Manager, Century Management Corp. addressed the audience, re-iterating the good status of our Cooperative. Bob Snyder, President of the Board of Directors, spoke, advising he and the Board have earnestly worked towards maintaining Fillmore Gardens as a pleasant and feasible place to reside, and will continue to do so. Voting was held for three seats on the Board of Directors and re-elected for another three years were: Doris Hoffman, Sarah Rosenbaum and Donna Bradley.
Much to the delight of the crowd, surprise appearances were made by Senator Carl Kruger and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. Senator Kruger spoke warmly of Fillmore Gardens and that he is exercising strong efforts to keep our neighborhood free from any further commercial building additions (adjacent to Kings Plaza and Walgreen’s). Marty Markowitz also recalled the historical sites of Brooklyn, as well as all the activities, events, entertainment and shopping in our great area. It surely is a marvelous place to live!!
At the most recent regularly scheduled Board of Directors Meeting, Board Officers elected are as follows:

President: Robert Snyder
Vice President: Edward Scafidi
Treasurer: Susan Broth
Secretary: Sarah Rosenbaum

Other Board Members are:
Donna Bradley, Colleen DePaola
Doris Hoffman, Ethel Reiser
Gloria Trotta