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submitted by Judy Bruce

Brooklyn Nostalgia

Brooklyn Nostalgia (How many can you remember?)

You don't need to be from Brooklyn to remember most of this, after all, we all had relatives that lived there!
If you ain't from Brooklyn, just forget this; you wouldn't understand.
You're truly from Brooklyn if you can relate to any of the following:

  1. Alternate side of the street parking.
  2. Ate at Kishke King ( 10 inch hot! dogs)

  3. Kishke King

  4. Ate dinner every Sunday night at a Chinese Restaurant
  5. Ate Italian food at (fill in your choice)
  6. Bought bobka at the original Ebingers.
  7. Ebinger's

  8. Bought Ebinger's Black-Out Cake (and didn't count the calories)
  9. Bought knishes from Mrs. Stahl's in Brighton Beach
  10. Bought knishes on the beach and didn't mind the sand.
  11. Bought pickles out of a barrel.
  12. Can name all the Brooklyn High Schools.
  13. You don't speak with an accent - everybody else does.
  14. Drove over the Marine Park Bridge for a 10-cent toll and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel for 25 cents.
  15. Everybody knows somebody from the neighborhood even if it's your mother's cousin's son-in-law's sister's boyfriend.
  16. Ate a "Kitchen Sink" at Jahn's.
  17. Jahn's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor

  18. Got a J.D. card and feeling like Al Capone.
  19. Had a prom date at the Club Elegante.
  20. Had roller skates with keys.
  21. Hand ball in the schoolyard.
  22. Hit two sewers in punch ball.
  23. It's not the "shore", it's the "beach" idiot.
  24. Kings Plaza .... how come we get the crappy mall?
  25. Knew who the neighborhood wise guy was, but you'd never tell the cops.
  26. Knew Rosie's Candy Store, headquarters for Murder, Inc!!
  27. Know what E.J. Korvettes stands for (Eight Jewish Korean Veterans).
  28. Know what the F.W.I.L. on the Lundy's Restaurant in "The Bay" stands for (It's the brothers, Frederick, William, Irving and Louis Lundy).
  29. Lundy Bros.

  30. Know, or at least your hips do, what a Charlotte Russe is.
  31. Owned a pair of shoes from Thom Mcann.
  32. Played at Faber's Fascination and Skeeball - saved tickets for junk.
  33. Played Ring-A-Levio at dusk.
  34. Played Hit The Penny; Stoop Ball; Skelly; and Potsy.
  35. Rode the Cyclone.


  1. Saw the Dodgers at Ebbets Field.
  2. Ebbets Field

  3. Remember Bohack's, Packer's and Associated.
  4. Remember Coney Island fireworks every Tuesday night in the summer. Watching from your roof.
  5. Remember submarine race watching at Plum Beach . Heck, if you even know where Plum Beach is.
  6. Sheepshead Bay was for fishing and seafood.
  7. Shopped at Namns, Lossers, Pitkin Ave., 86th Ave. & Kings Highway before the Kings Plaza Mall was ever invented.
  8. The Sid & George deli had the leanest pastrami.
  9. Went to Steeplechase and rode the horses.
  10. Steeplechase

  11. There was at least one pizzeria within one block of your house and a candy store on the corner.
  12. Thought "Buddy's Fairyland Kiddie Park" on Utica Ave. was a major amusement park.
  13. Thought going "away to college" meant NYU, Pace, or Pratt.
  14. Waited for a Bungalow Bar or the Good Humor truck to come around your block.
  15. Walked along the Coney Island Boardwalk with a Shatzkin's knish.
  16. Washed it down with a Sunny Boy orange drink.
  17. Went to Bar Mitzvahs at least once every weekend.
  18. Rode the Trolleys
  19. Trolley

  20. Went to the "real" Fortunoff's on Livonia Avenue.
  21. Went to Alan Freed rock & roll concerts at the Brooklyn Fox or the Brooklyn Paramount. Went the night before for good seats.
  22. Paramount Theatre

  23. Went to Saturday matinees at the Kingsway, the Loew's Pitkin, the Mayfair, the Elm, the Kent , the Jewel
  24. You ate at the Horn and Hardart Automat, the Famous Cafeteria, or Dubrow's on Kings Highway.
  25. You can correctly pronounce places like Long Island, but aren't exactly sure where it begins.
  26. You curse alot. Or can at least out curse anyone from anywhere else.
  27. You don't go to Manhattan: you go to "The City."
  28. You have no reason to go to Queens.
  29. You know and go to the REAL Nathan's - Coney Island.
  30. Nathan's Famous

  31. You know the difference between going with, seeing, fooling around with and going out with someone.
  32. You know what a "Johnny pump" is.
  33. You knew when someone got carpeting when their "oil cloth" was in a roll by the garbage.
  34. You made a scooter from orange crates and an old skate.
  35. You made carpet guns that shot old linoleum projectiles.
  36. You never realize you have an accent until you leave.
  37. You waited for the rides on a truck to come to your neighborhood for 10 cents a ride.
  38. You walk down "The Avenue" and see at least a handful of the people you knew growing up.
  39. Your friends came over to hang out on the stoop.
  40. You had a pigeon crap on your car and/or your head.
  41. Rode the elevated (EL) lines or the BMT out to The Beach.
  42. EL (elevater train)

  43. And the most important reason that you're a Brooklynite or at least have the soul of one, is the attitude that you have and NEVER want to lose!!!!!

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