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You may add your own to this list. Be creative!!!!


Massage your brow for a minute or two while thanking your good brain for all the hard work it does   Close your eyes and think about the happiest day of your life   Share favorite jokes with someone and laugh out loud   Read passages from your favorite book of poetry   Look at photographs of yourself when you were young   Sleep in as late as you like   Drink tea with honey   Get a haircut   Listen to Beethoven or Mozart   Watch an old movie   Contemplate your favorite vacation spot   Buy a new purple dress/shirt and wear it   Clean out your desk or bedside stand   Ask someone to give you a back rub   For five minutes or more, study your beautiful eyes in a mirror   Spend time remembering details of how you spend past holidays   EAT WARM PIE WITH ICE CREAM ON TOP   Read a comic book   Wave to a child you don't know   Sing a song you learned as a child   EAT WARM HOMEMADE BREAD   Listen to music and keep time with your foot   Dunk cookies in cold milk   Show someone your favorite photographs of your family   Call someone you know just to say you love him/her   Smell a rose   Peel and enjoy the aroma of an orange before you eat it   HAVE A SCOOP OF VANILLA ICE CREAM IN YOUR COFFEE   Tell someone about your wedding day   Rub your hands together gently and thank them for all the good work they have done for you   Write a love poem   Light a candle and watch it glow   Tell someone about the day you became a mother/father   Make a list of the things for which you are most thankful   Breathe deeply for five minutes   Buy some expensive perfume/aftershave   Ask someone to brush your hair for 5 minutes   Visit a pet store and watch the puppies   Forgive someone who has hurt you - then tell the person he/she is forgiven   Give someone the gift of your total attention for twenty minutes   Make a list of your ten best qualities  

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