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(winter 2008)

Well here we are again – wintertime and the holidays fast approaching. Only we have to make the best of it this year, with money being just an itsy-bitsy bit less than last year! (Hmmmmmm, itsy-bitsy???)
Let’s go back to the old-fashioned holidays. Just imagine when we used to give simple gifts of homemade goodies, knitted scarves, or perhaps a casserole with something delicious in it! Visit the shut-ins with a kind word or two. Make someone happy. We could also incorporate into our gift-giving some of those nifty holiday scratch offs (they’re only a buck and somebody could be real happy after a scratch or two! And, maybe they’ll even share some of the winnings with you!) The most important part of the holidays is to bond with family and friends and give the gift of sharing and loving one another. What better gift than this?
Peace and Good Health to all of you and enjoy the holidays. We will hope for a better 2009!

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