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Message from the
Board of Directors

May, 2008

By Bob Snyder

First of all, I would like to congratulate Colleen DePaola and Ed Scafidi for being re-elected to the Board of Directors, and would also like to welcome Ellie Graziano to the Board. Next, I also want to extend the Board's thanks to Ethel Reiser for her years of service to the Board of Directors at Fillmore Gardens. She is, in part, responsible for what we are today.

Now, on to business... In the past year, we have completed the concrete project; we are in the process of a new boiler installation in section 5; we are reviewing bids for painting the front doors, frames and garage doors, and we are investigating security programs for the overall safety of cooperators, i.e. motion sensor lights for garage areas.

The Coop is financially solvent for another year. There has been no discussion of a maintenance increase. To keep this positive for the future, we need all the cooperators who have not signed the New Shareholders Agreement, to kindly do so. You can do so by coming to the office any Monday, Wednesday or Friday, between the hours of 8.00 am - 12.00 noon or call to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

In closing; it is now Summer - air-conditioning time - and we must all conserve electricity; turn off air conditioners when we leave the house, and let us all conserve water.

Enjoy the summer.

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